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Waluscha De Sousa shares a personal story of emotional abuse, urges women to be bold for change – watch EXCLUSIVE video

This Women’s Day, get inspired from Waluscha De Sousa’s story that celebrates womanhood in the right sense…. – Waluscha De Sousa shares a personal story of emotional abuse, urges women to be bold for change – watch EXCLUSIVE video

Women today are fearless and highly independent but sometimes the society and its pressures get the better of them. Never the one to conform to the norms, Waluscha De Sousa has a very inspirational message to share with all the women out there. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Waluscha recalls the hardships of her life back when she hadn’t made a name for herself. Many of us have gone through similar struggles – be it with husband/family/boyfriend/brother/friend – but what matters is how you fight back and remind yourself that you need nobody to prove your worth. Here, get inspired from Waluscha’s personal experience…

Talking about her journey, Waluscha says, “My life has been a journey – a journey that included a successful career. I met a man and I thought he was the love of my life and that one wrong decision changed me forever. It all seems happy on the outside but when you look closely, you realise that emotional abuse is very real. I was regularly demeaned and my opinions, my ideas, my thoughts and my needs were always disregarded. I was made to feel unworthy and bad about myself. I was made to feel like I couldn’t make my own decisions and I needed permission to leave the house or do things that made me happy. I was told, I was always wrong, my flaws were constantly pointed out. I was called names and given labels. I faced subtle threats, and negative remarks were made inorder to threaten and control me. All I want to say is understand what emotional abuse is. This women’s day, rise up, find your voice and be bold for a change.”

Waluscha was last seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan. Known for her glamorous appearances, she recently also featured in Himmesh Reshammiya’s music video looking smokin’ hot. We definitely see Waluscha going places with her never-give-up attitude. Do share your thoughts on this video and yes, Happy Women’s Day, ladies. Be bold, be the change!


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